How would you feel if payers knew that your SOAP notes are 100% compliant?

Providers paid to payers $3.1 billion in 2006 in refunds and penalties - 20 times more than 10 years ago. What if you could document every recurrent visit in less than 15 seconds and immediately submit an audit-compliant insurance claim?

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What if your scheduling system helped you build your chiropractic office?

How much more revenue could your practice generate if your patient scheduler prevented no-shows and alerted about unbillable appointments? How would you reuse your staff time if patients received reminder calls automatically, without your personnel involvement?

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Outsource your billing or keep it in-house.
All-in-one chiropractic office management system

Billing Precision offers a 100% Web-based practice management solution. It includes software for scheduling, documentation, and billing, an audit red flag warning system, care plan system, and optional systems for patient reminder calling, credit card processing, and expert billing staff/service. Standard in every option is access to a continuously expanding chiropractic billing and compliance knowledge base, shared by hundreds of chiropractors nationwide.

Members of the growing Billing Precision network use our highly automated and integrated system to increase control over staff productivity and to level the playing field with the payers.

See if joining the network makes sense for you.