Capitals say chiropractor accused in steroids probe isn't part of team

Published: 2010-07-08 00:05:25
Author: Kevin Allen | USA TODAY | March 23, 2010

The Washington Capitals were quick to dispute Tuesday that a Virginia chiropractor arrested on steroids charges had any connection to the organization even though his answering machine said he was "chiropractor to the Capitals."

"The Washington Capitals are not the target of this investigation, and there is no evidence that steroids were provided to any Capitals players," team spokesman Nate Ewell said in an emailed release. reported that the U.S. Marshal's Service and the Florida's Sheriff's office visited the Capitals' office in Arlington, Va., after arresting Owen Nagel, a chiropractor from Reston, Va., on steroids charges.

According to Ewell's email, Nagel "is not affiliated with the Washington Capitals and is not the 'team chiropractor,' as he has stated."

He did say that some Washington players had seen Nagel "for standard, routine chiropractic services."

According to a Polk County (Fla.) Sheriff's Office news release, the arrest of Florida resident Richard "Andy" Thomas led law-enforcement officers to Nagel. He is accused of purchasing steroids from Thomas.

"Thomas also told detectives that Nagel told him that he (Nagel) worked with professional athletes in the Washington, D.C., area and that he had boasted about supplying steroids to these athletes," the release states.

In Lakeland, Fla., Washington Nationals president Stan Kasten said he talked to the team's trainers and that no one in the organization knows Nagel. He said the accusation is "flat-out" not true. "I have never heard of the guy," Kasten said. "I don't know how we could have any less association with him."

Thomas awaits sentencing on charges of steroids possession with intent to sell or distribute, plus importation of steroids into the state. Customs officials had intercepted the steroids en route from Slovakia to Thomas' residence.

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