Chiropractic Coding and Certification Seminar

Published: 2011-04-18 09:33:04
Author: Iowa Chiropractic Society

  The National Academy of Chiropractic Coders (NACC) is a first of its kind coding education and certification solution for chiropractors, their assistants, billers and office managers.  This particular seminar, scheduled for Thursday, May 19, in Johnston, Iowa, is primarily focused on the chiropractic CA or biller (who could also be the office manager or the chiropractor at a given office).  In the increasingly stringent insurance environment health care professionals work and bill in today, you have to do things just the right way to get paid. There has been a tremendous need in the chiropractic profession for an educational program leading to a certification for chiropractic coders. Within the chiropractic field there are very few certified professional coders (CPC).  As a profession, chiropractors (with their CAs and billers) continue to work without the know-how they need to document, code, bill and receive proper reimbursements for the work they perform. It is time for chiropractors to have properly trained and certified chiropractic coders working in their offices. Having a certified coder in your office can: reimburse you additional money by properly coding to the highest E/M levels possible, get and keep up-to-date on what insurance companies are looking for and need to know to pay you, save your office a negative audit, and begin preparing for ICD-10.  Be on the cutting-edge of health care and give your office some stimulus.  Join us today in a chiropractic coding and payment revolution. Clickhere for registration information.