Chiropractor's Videos Show How He's Cashing In

Published: 2011-08-08 12:13:16
Author: Theresa Marchetta | Call7 | August 1, 2011

They advertise treatment for diabetes and thyroid disorders and a lot of people are buying.


Brandon and Heather Credeur are chiropractors, a fact that caught many of their own patients by surprise when the CALL7 investigators started digging into their business practices.


And now, the CALL7 Investigators have uncovered Web videos of Brandon Credeur himself, showing others how he's cashing in.

In the videos, Credeur trains other chiropractors on how to tap into what he calls "niche" markets.


"Just kicking back in my office. I have a lot of other people doing the work for me. I'm just watching the money roll in," Credeur said in a video posted on the Internet, obtained by the CALL7 Investigators.


“We'll show you personally what we're doing that allows us to collect over $300,000 a month in cash, no insurance worries,” Credeur said in another video. That video shows him strapped into a harness on a parasailing boat.


The various videos posted on the Internet show Credeur at work and play selling his business model to other chiropractors who want to cash in like him on patients with diabetes and thyroid problems, by treating them with diets and supplements.


Former, Current Credeur Patients Angry, Upset With Videos


"He's bragging as he's in the Caribbean taking our money so he can sit back and have fun. That's obnoxious," said a former patient.


"I'm a current patient and I feel like I'm gonna throw up," said patient Susan Echelberger.


"He took all my money. I felt worse than I have in years," said another former patient.


The CALL7 Investigators received more than 100 calls and emails after our initial investigation into Credeur's business practices.

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