Miami Doc Paid Patients Not to Visit: Cops

Published: 2011-04-22 09:41:29
Author: Willard Shepard and Todd Wright

  A Miami doctor is being called a real quack by authorities after she was allegedly caught on hidden camera paying patients to say she gave them treatment even if they were perfectly healthy.

Eileen Dvorkin, a North Miami Beach chiropractor, has been charged with fraud for allegedly billing insurance companies for services she never performed and patients she never really saw, police said.

A police informant wearing a hidden camera captured several of Dvorkin's backroom deals that appear to reveal a rarely seen look into the unscrupulous world of insurance fraud.

While talking to an undercover informant, Dvorkin laid out her scheme in a closet in her doctor's office, authorities allege. She would pay as much as $800 to patients who are willing to say they were in accidents that never really happened.

In one recording, Dvorkin tells the informant that he will get paid for every friend he refers who is willing to lie and help her make a profit.