Claims Against McKinney Chiropractor Go Back to 1995

Published: 2011-12-18 14:55:47
Author: Randy McIlwain | NBC Dallas-Fort Worth | December 15, 2011

A bond hearing in the case of a McKinney chiropractor accused of sexual assault raised the possibility of additional cases.

During testimony this morning, Detective Techia Davis said McKinney police are investigating 18 possible cases against Dr. David Russell.

Russell is charged in four cases, but police said 14 other victims have made claims of improper touching going back as far at 1995.

According to testimony, all of the alleged incidents happened in Russell's office.

Five of the victims expressed fear of Russell to police. Numerous others told police they complained to the chiropractic office's manager and to the state board of chiropractors. Others said they contacted police about the incidents far before the current charges were filed.

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