Northampton chiropractor charged with insurance fraud

Published: 2011-10-26 10:39:29
Author: George Mattar | | October 26, 2011

An Ivyland chiropractor and his business have been charged with insurance fraud after allegedly filing more than $100,000 in fraudulent claims.

Dr. Howard Bloom, 55, of Lincoln Circle is the owner of Weathervane Chiropractic, which operates at two different locations in Bucks County: 8 Lincoln Circle, Ivyland, and 120 Bustleton Pike, Southampton, according to Pennsylvania Attorney General Linda Kelly.

According to the criminal complaint, Bloom submitted more than 2,000 bogus insurance claims under a billing code that required a doctor to have direct one-on-one contact with a patient. But he didn’t treat the patients, she said. Massage therapists did, she added.

Kelly said that Bloom submitted insurance claims for more than $116,000 in services, including numerous occasions where he claims to have provided between 30 and 47 hours of treatment in a single day.

Additionally, Bloom is accused of adding an individual to the Weathervane Chiropractic group insurance coverage plan, even though that person was not an employee of the practice. The insurance company paid Bloom and Weathervane about $25,000 for treatments billed on behalf of this “employee,” she said.

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