What is chiropractic board waiting on?

Published: 2011-05-29 19:44:35
Author: DesMoinesRegister.com | May 18, 2011

Perhaps Dr. Jason Ebelsheiser is adjusting the spines of Iowa prison inmates.

The Oskaloosa chiropractor was convicted last year of sexual abuse and assault and sentenced to 12 years behind bars. Female patients accused him of fondling or penetrating their genitals during treatment. He's serving time, but still has a state license to practice his profession.

Then there's Dr. Daniel Duffy. Last year the Perry chiropractor was charged with a misdemeanor for allegations he assaulted a female patient and masturbated on her. She reported the doctor did so while he was adjusting her spine. Investigators took swabs of her back, proving the presence of his semen.

Four months ago, Duffy was convicted and sentenced to a year's probation, including 80 hours of community service. He still has his state license.

Both men - and all Iowans - can thank the Iowa Board of Chiropractic for that. The board, whose seven members include five chiropractors, sanctioned both men after the allegations. That included requirements that they have female chaperones present when treating female patients. But the board now should revoke or suspend their licenses.

Iowans are not just asking questions about chiropractors who molest patients. People are wondering what's going on with the state board that is supposed to be keeping tabs on them.

The board is housed within the Iowa Department of Public Health. The agency's website calls it "the link" between consumers and chiropractors, promoting "public health, welfare and safety." The board is supposed to ensure "the integrity and competence" of chiropractors and investigate complaints for unprofessional conduct.

Enough investigation has been done. Enough wrongdoing has been proven to warrant criminal convictions in court. What more does the board need to know?

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