Oskaloosa chiropractor trial date moved

Published: 2010-06-14 11:24:45
Author: Andy Goodell | The Oskaloosa Herald | March 12, 2010

OSKALOOSA — He was going to stand trial for sexual abuse next week.

Oskaloosa Chiropractor Dr. Jason Ebelsheiser was scheduled to stand trial for seven counts of third-degree sexual abuse this coming Tuesday. The charges stem from accusations made by female patients ranging in age from 17 to 46 this past summer. He was also charged with one count of tampering with records at this time.

A pretrial hearing is now scheduled for April 8, while Ebelsheiser’s trial will not begin until May 11.

Stipulations remain as to what kinds of procedures Ebelsheiser can perform.

On Oct. 13, 2009, Ebelsheiser requested a modification to an Iowa Board of Chiropractic emergency adjudicative order, which would allow him to perform soft tissue treatments on male patients. The request was approved by the board that same day.

The original emergency adjudicative order states that Ebelsheiser “poses and immediate threat the public health, safety, or welfare.” According to the original order, Ebelsheiser was barred from performing certain “soft tissue” treatments to all patients.

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