Vaccination Issues: Will Chiropractic Vaccination be Mandated?

Published: 2011-03-10 17:03:24
Author: ChiroACCESS | March 9, 2011

The subject of vaccination continues to be a controversial subject for the chiropractic profession.  We know that all vaccinations are not alike and the health risks associated with the many types of vaccines vary considerably just as the risk associated with different chiropractic procedures vary.  In addition, the potential adverse effects from many vaccinations are not as great as in past decades. 

With 20% of the population affected by influenza, the benefits versus risks of vaccination should be weighed carefully.  A recent study (February 2011) by the Center for Health Policy at Dartmouth compared the influenza vaccination rate of chiropractic patients to individuals that did not use chiropractic and found no significant difference.  These results contrast with some previous studies and suggest that perhaps the profession's attitudes regarding vaccination may be shifting.

Another vaccination related paper from the Bioethics Program at the Mayo Clinic this month concluded that "Mandatory influenza vaccination for health care workers is supported not only by scientific data but also by ethical principles and legal precedent. The recent influenza pandemic provides an opportunity for policymakers to reconsider the benefits of mandating influenza vaccination for health care workers, including building public trust, enhancing patient safety, and strengthening the health care workforce."  One of the reasons for a push to mandate vaccination among health care workers is that other research revealed that 40% of health care workers are not vaccinated.

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