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Retail Product Sales at Point of Service Improve Chiropractic Clinic Revenues and Patient Loyalty

NewswireToday - /newswire/ - Dumont, NJ, United States, 02/05/2007 - Billing Precision, the leading provider of chiropractic practice management solutions, has integrated Point Of Service sales accounting with practice management technology to help chiropractors increase revenues and practice profitability.

In 2006, two out of three chiropractors increased billings (67%), while almost ninety percent (88.3%) of chiropractors sold retail products to patients. At an average $28.5 collections per patient visit (PVA), retail product sales to patients remains a major revenue source. But for junior practitioners with a humble patient growth record, point of service sales is the prime way to increase practice revenue.

While product sales at point of service improve practice profitability, they impose extra complexities to practice management. The challenge is to manage both healthcare insurance claims and point of service sales records uniformly in spite of processing differences. Billing Precision has uniquely encoded such capabilities in its integrated practice workflow, including patient scheduling, check-in, SOAP notes, professional billing service, and point of service sales accounting.

“An added benefit of product sales at point of service is improved patient relationship. By offering your patients quality products that enrich their lives outside of your office, you demonstrate your care,” says Dr. Brian Capra, Doctor Chiropractic, and a partner at Billing Precision. “Better patient loyalty means lower attrition, frequent referrals and, eventually, improved profits.”

About Billing Precision

Billing Precision, LLC is the leading provider of comprehensive chiropractic clinic management solutions, a national Third Party Billing Service, Certified by New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance, and a Platinum Business Partner of Association of New Jersey Chiropractors.

Billing Precision unites individual clinic owners into a powerful community of profitable and compliant managers focused on patient care and practice growth. Billing Precision tracks payer performance from a single point of control, shares billing compliance rules globally, and creates massive economies of scale.

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