Press Release - February 27, 2007 - Billing Precision

Chiropractors Improve Profitability and Reduce Audit Risk with Touchscreen and Bar Code Technology

NewswireToday - Dumont, New Jersey (PRZOOM) February 27, 2007 – Billing Precision, the leading provider of chiropractic clinic management solutions, has implemented bar code and touch-screen technology to help chiropractors increase practice profitability and reduce audit risk.

Using bar code technology, patients check themselves in by swiping a key tag in a scanner located in the front office. The key tag contains basic information about the patient (encrypted for HIPAA compliance) as well as practice logo and phone number for a handy patient reminder. The system immediately finds patient's SOAP notes and informs the front office person about outstanding patient balance or waiting messages.

Next, as the patient proceeds to the adjustment room, her SOAP notes are already displayed on a touchscreen computer system, the doctors have installed in each room. Touchscreen technology helps doctors avoid costly mistakes of handwritten notes. Unlike computer mouse and drop-down menus of traditional systems or the prohibitive numbers of screens in a typical PDA, touchscreen technology requires minimal eye-hand coordination; the doctor can enter information and still maintain eye contact with the patient.

Finally, as the patient leaves the office, the system automatically generates an insurance payment claim, presents it for doctor's review, and immediately forwards it to the insurance company.

“The system is loaded with intelligent software for care plans, SOAP notes, and retail sales products.” says Dr. Brian Capra, Doctor of Chiropractic and a partner at Billing Precision. “With front-to-back office integration, Billing Precision solution delivers the claims to their destination in real time, as soon as the patient leaves the office. And since the note generation process is standardized, notes are complete and compliant under the insurance audit scrutiny.”

About Billing Precision:

Billing Precision, LLC is the leading provider of comprehensive chiropractic clinic management solutions, a national Third Party Billing Service, Certified by New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance, and a Platinum Business Partner of Association of New Jersey Chiropractors.

Billing Precision unites individual clinic owners into a powerful community of profitable and compliant managers focused on patient care and practice growth. Billing Precision tracks payer performance from a single point of control, shares billing compliance rules globally, and creates massive economies of scale.

Stephanie Capra, President