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SOAP Notes that both protect your practice and improve your productivity

"How to manage audit expert-engineered SOAP notes in less than 15 seconds per patient"

Do you dread the moment when a letter from a payer requests supporting medical notes instead of a check or explanation of benefits (EOB)?

Dr. Ben Lerner, co-founder of MaximizedLiving and author of "One Minute Wellness: The Natural Health & Happiness System that Never Fails," enters SOAP notes using Billing Precision station: "Now you can both protect your practice revenue and improve your productivity."

Do you skip taking notes for some patient visit? If so, you are making yourself a prime target for insurance audits and resulting payment returns and penalties. Insurance companies use audits to increase their bottom line. They also have access to leading-edge statistical databases to identify most likely audit targets.

If you do take notes, don't you think that documentation takes outrageously long, often longer than actual patient care?

If you use special SOAP note management software, does it improve or impede your productivity? Does it help you code and prove medical necessity?

Justice department recovered $3.1 Billion in false claims in 2006. Do you think this number will shrink or grow? Will your practice be the next contributor to this statistic? Do you really know if your notes are audit-proof?

On one hand, ignoring or taking superficial notes saves time but exposes the practice to audit risk. On the other hand, taking good notes using traditional methods slows you down.

  • How much better would you sleep at night if you had audit expert-engineered SOAP notes?
  • How much more revenue could you add if your notes could justify higher CPT severity?
  • How would you reuse your own time savings if you could manage your entire note generation in 2-3 screen touches ?
  • How much front office time could you save if your care plan records would be integrated with your SOAP notes?
  • How much back office costs could you eliminate if both the superbill and insurance claim would be generated automatically from your notes?
  • Think how would you reinvest added revenue and cost savings to grow your practice?
  • Documenting patient encounter notes is an integral part of practice workflow starting with patient appointment scheduling, to writing out notes, to medical billing. Our approach is timed to meet your objectives and to adapt to your evolving priorities. The bottom line is that your revenues improve as a result of rigorous teamwork between your office and our team. Our web browser-based and touchscreen SOAP notes allows the insurance adjuster see precisely what you see of the patient.

    What price can you put on improving your compliance, reducing audit risk, increasing your coding precision, and improving your productivity?

    To continue with the patient lifecycle, see our Outsourced Billing Service.

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