Our mission is to level the playing field with the payers using scalable processes, state-of-the-art Internet technology, and disciplined personnel. The difference between Billing Precision and thousands of other billing services is that all our clients and the entire Billing Precision staff, we all share the same technology platform and processes. Through the shared platform, Billing Precision team becomes a virtual extension of your own office. It boosts your staff and gives you powerful control over your practice workflow and office productivity.

Billing Precision's founders hold advanced degrees in chiropractic, computer engineering, and mathematics, and were awarded several patents in artificial intelligence and information security. Our core team has a deep understanding of the needs of chiropractors and the challenges we all face in the current healthcare environment. We leverage the Internet and integrate practice workflow to combine front office and back office function and to automate multiple services.

Brian Capra, DC
Co-founder, President, and Partner

DC - Life University, 2002

Dr. Capra has extensive practice management experience, seeing from 100 to 1,500 patient visits per week. He has also taken an integral part in the shaping of the service processes and automation requirements for Billing Precision to increase billing efficiency and overall practice profitability.

He has written numerous articles as well as given many lectures on the subjects of practice management, compliance, and billing.  Dr. Capra also wrote the foreword for the book, Practicing Profitability - Billing Network Effect for Revenue Cycle Management which lays the methodological foundation for the Billing Precision solution, explains the rules of the modern "payer-provider conflict," and shows how to apply and manage winning Internet strategies, such as the "network effect," to level the playing field with the payers.

Dr. Capra continues to practice in New Jersey.

Erez Lirov
Co-founder and Partner

BSc - Princeton University, 1999

Erez has been an entrepreneur and software technology inventor since his college days in Princeton University, which he graduated with honors in 1999. His experience spans heading technology innovation for both startups and established companies in healthcare and financial services at Vericle, TradeMD, Sparta Systems, Lehman Brothers, National Bank of Canada, PIMCO, and Harris Bank. Erez was awarded a patent in data security domain (US 6,785,810, Aug 31 2004, Lirov et al.)

Yuval Lirov, PhD
Co-Founder and Partner

DSc - Washington University in St. Louis, 1987

Yuval has over 30 years experience in military, financial services, and medical technology. He has been awarded five patents in artificial intelligence and computer security and has authored three books: Mission Critical Systems Management (1997), Practicing Profitability - Billing Network Effect for Revenue Cycle Management (2007),and Medical Billing Network and Processes (2009).

John Capra
Co-founder and Partner

"I'm concerned about where the chiropractic profession is going in terms of profitability. We are at an absolutely crucial and unprecedented point in our history where technology enables the insurance companies to underpay us, profile us, audit, and take back the little money was paid".

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