What services do you provide?

Billing Precision offers a fully integrated Practice Management System and Outsourced Billing Service for chiropractors. It includes integrated web–based scheduling, documentation and billing software with a full outsourced billing service that is managed by an experienced team of billing professionals to manage your entire revenue cycle.

I have a great billing team. Can I use your software without your billing service?

Yes, clinics that do their own billing can use our system. You can also switch to outsourced at anytime or even use our team as temporary staff when your office staff are on vacation or leave your clinic. This way, your collections and practice do not suffer.

What makes you different from the thousands of other billing companies and practice management systems on the market?

Most chiropractors practices and billing companies have no way to figure out the payers' underpayment or delay tactics. Their claim volumes are simply too low and they lack the resources and technology to infer the abuse patterns.

Some billing companies also lower their processing costs by cutting down on the number of follow up calls to payers, by skipping the necessary quality assurance procedures, and by saving on technology that allows their clients to observe and measure the quality of the billing work in real–time.

Yet some other billing companies offer only a limited scope of services, leaving the chiropractic practice owner with the headache to figure out patient documentation or practice management solutions.

Payers count on provider's inability to see the big underpayment picture, on lethargic follow up, and on the inefficiencies of their practice management processes. Worse, an inefficient practice is not only routinely underpaid but it is also an easy target for post–payment audits and penalties.

Billing Precision differs from other billing companies in three key ways:

technology - billing network, which enables us to audit payers in real time,

built-in comprehensive quality assurance processes, and

integrated solution that includes state-of-the-art practice management and documentation system.

To level the playing field with the payers, we use state–of–the–art Internet technology, which allows us to discover every underpayment and delay, and to follow up on each case of payer's non-compliance, regardless of underpayment size.

Besides offering a state–of–the–art web–based practice management system that's available 24/7, we provide our clients – members of our billing network – an unparalleled level of transparency and control, including real–time 'dashboards' and thousands of real–time reports. Our integrated approach ensures that you receive alerts on patient accounts at time of service, document each patient encounter, and always bill for your service. Our disciplined process ensures that nothing falls through the cracks.

We are not interested in just selling you software or a billing service. Our product is Revenue Enhancement for chiropractors office. We are looking to establish a long-term working relationship based on trust that delivers results. We have a proven review process for each potential client's situation to see if the client will benefit from joining our billing network and, equally importantly, if the network of the existing clients will benefit from the new member. This way we ensure that our solution continues to improve with each new client.

Do you have a revenue or provider minimum requirement before I can use your service?

No. Whether you are a single provider that works on a part–time basis, a new practice just starting out, a medium sized clinic, hospital, or a national clinic with many locations, we will welcome you into our network. Our service does not discriminate on size.

What do you charge?

It depends on what type of practice you have and how you decide to use our services. With each new client that joins our network, we discuss their goals and business needs and price our services accordingly. The type of services we render can vary differently between a multi–site clinic with 20 Chiropractors versus a startup clinic with one Chiropractor. Contact Us to schedule a discussion with a Billing Precision Representative.

Is there a startup cost?

Yes. There is a fee for enrollment with insurance companies and training. We assist you in every facet of enrollment and provide personalized training depending on how you use our service.

Do you charge a percentage for patient co-pays or balances?

We charge for all insurance collections but not co-pays or cash collections. If you want us to send patient statements and collect patient balances, we charge you for it. It's up to you as we are flexible.

Some practice management systems and billing companies require an agreement with a minimum amount of time, usually 1 year. Do you have a minimum contract period?

No. You can cancel your service agreement with 60 days written notice. Billing Precision was created to provide a service that helps chiropractors get the most out of their business. We're only interested in long–term relationships with our clients and it's in our best interest to ensure you get the highest level of service possible while giving you the peace of mind knowing that you're not locked in.

Do you provide coding services that will allow me to maximize reimbursement?

No. As a billing company, we view this as a conflict of interest. Our clients have the responsibility to correctly code their claims.

How does your service improve our compliance and help reduce audit risk?

Since our service is fully integrated, all facets of the patient encounter are fully documented in a very detailed fashion. The documentation / daily–note for a patient encounter is completely aligned with the claim submission and reimbursement process to eliminate mismatches in what is documented and what is billed. Everything is electronically stored and accessible at anytime in the event that a payer or legal entity makes an inquiry for information. We store all scheduled appointments, daily notes and claims in our database forever. Our system and process have been used several times to help successfully defend providers in a review or audit situation.

Other companies claim they are web–based but still require you to install software and perform upgrades periodically. Is that how your system works?

No, it is 100% web–based. We require the use of the Firefox Browser from version 2.0 upward. It is free for download from www.firefox.com and is available for Windows, MAC and Linux.

I use Quickbooks for my accounting, can I import data for bookkeeping and accounting purposes?

All reports can be exported to a format that can be imported into many different types of systems.

We have multiple locations as part of our clinic, can our providers work in multiple locations and still use the systems?

Yes. Since our system is web–based, it can be accessed from anywhere that has an internet connection and a web browser (Firefox required). Many of our clients have multiple locations.

I am a director of a multi–site clinic. How can I access data from each clinic?

Our service is centralized and provides a consolidated view into any number of clinics and providers. You can view schedules, financial status, and run reports across all your clinics and providers.

How long do you store patient records and if I want access to old records, how do I get them?

We store all patient records forever and they can be retrieved at any time.

Is your system HIPAA compliant?

Yes. We follow all the HIPAA guidelines. Our data transmission method is via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This means that all of our data is encrypted when your office communicates with our system.

I've already invested in a scheduling and documentation system. Can I use your billing along with my system?

In most cases, no. Our clients treasure the 100% integrated solution that eliminates redundant data entry and multiple system reconciliation problems.

I really like your service, but I'm not a chiropractor. Can I still become a client?

Billing Precision specializes in Chiropractic but works with several partners that support other specialties that are part of the Billing Precision Network.

I already use a billing company and want to switch to you. Will there be a period where I will not receive revenue?

Your cash flow may be delayed during the enrollment process, depending on your payer mix. It really depends on the size of your practice, the number of providers involved and the mix of payers.

What type of customer support do you provide?

We have multiple "channels" for support. There is an online request workflow as part of our system, online support forums, documentation, and training videos. When you first become a client, you are assigned a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) to you to help you when you join our service network.

I want to do my part to improve the environment, is your system paperless?

Our system is 99% paperless. In some cases, we may need to print information to send to payers during the enrollment and denials management process.