Chiropractor charged in health care fraud case

Published: 2010-02-03 00:51:48
Author: Jim Kouri | Examiner | February 1, 2010

A Philadelphia chiropractor was charged Friday by a federal Indictment with health care fraud, mail fraud, and making false statements in a health care investigation.

The indictment alleges that Hollander was a chiropractor who maintained an office and treated patients at the Hollander Chiropractic Center located at 10014 Sandmeyer Lane in Philadelphia from approximately 1992 until on or about January 27, 2006. 

In addition to seeing patients in his office, it is alleged that Dr. Hollander saw some patients in a van known as Hollander Mobile Chiropractic Services that traveled to various locations in the vicinity of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The indictment alleges that between 2002 and 2006, Hollander billed Independence Blue Cross (“IBC”) approximately $914,503.19 for chiropractic treatments that he had not actually rendered to the insured patients, for which IBC paid approximately $304,096.28. 

The indictment also charges that in 2005, when IBC requested patient files from Hollander, Hollander and his assistant, Lidia Garcia, created false documents to submit to IBC in an effort to justify the fraudulent billings that had been submitted. Both Hollander and Garcia are charged with making false statements in a health care matter for their alleged roles in the creation of these false records.

The indictment further charges Garcia with health care fraud and aggravated identity theft. These charges are based on the allegation that Garcia operated a company called Advanced Diagnostic Alternatives, through which Garcia provided diagnostic tests to patients of Dr. Hollander and another chiropractor.

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