Chiropractor in assault case loses license

Published: 2011-09-28 12:32:59
Author: Tony Leys | | September 12, 2011

A Perry chiropractor has lost his state license, nearly eight months after he was convicted of assault for masturbating onto a patient.

The Iowa Board of Chiropractic announced Monday that it had revoked Daniel Duffy’s license for at least five years, which is an unusually tough punishment.

Duffy was convicted of misdemeanor assault in January 2011 for an incident in which a female back-pain patient said he masturbated onto her while she was face down on his treatment table in January 2010.

At the time, Duffy, 47, denied the accusation, despite DNA evidence showing presence of his semen on the woman’s back. To counter his denial, the victim had to testify at a criminal trial. A jury found him guilty.

New chiropractic board documents indicate Duffy now admits to the allegations. The documents say Duffy agreed to have his license revoked for at least five years. The board said it would not reconsider reinstating him until that time has passed and he has paid a $1,000 fine and undergone a psychological evaluation and ethics training.

In the criminal case, a magistrate sentenced Duffy to a year’s probation, including 80 hours of community service. The chiropractor also was ordered to pay $1,086 to reimburse a crime victims’ fund for the woman’s clothing and the cost of her counseling.

Dallas County Attorney Wayne Reisetter has said he had wanted to file a more serious sexual-assault charge, but the specific facts would not support such a charge under Iowa law. The main issue, he said, was that Duffy did not touch the woman’s genitals, and she did not touch his.

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