Las Vegas Chiropractor Sentenced for Fraud

Published: 2011-06-07 09:27:37
Author: Caroline Bleakley,

  A Las Vegas chiropractor who fraudulently collected more than $400,000 in Social Security disability payments was sentenced Monday to prison.

Sixty-six-year-old Paul Smith received disability benefits from Sept. 1994 to Dec. 2005 after filing a back injury claim stating he could no longer work as a chiropractor. However while receiving benefits, he continue to run his chiropractic business and collect revenues.

According to a news release from the Department of Justice, Smith also worked as a boxing judge from Jan. 1987 to Dec. 2007 earning $133,000 but failed to provide that employment information to the Social Security Administration.

Smith was sentenced to 18 months in prison and to pay $435,674 in restitution.