Convicted sex offender will work as a chiropractor

Published: 2010-10-25 12:42:55
Author: Shawn Hogendorf | Savage Pacer | March 5, 2010

By law, there are a plethora of conditions that convicted sex offenders have to follow, but requiring a chiropractor from Savage to tell his patients in his Minneapolis practice that he sexually assaulting two of his former patients isn’t one of them.

In 2002, Scott Kent Fredin, 41, found himself in a heap of legal trouble after five of his former patients filed complaints of inappropriate sexual behavior while he was treating them at his Owatonna-based clinic.

As a result those complaints, Fredin was criminally charged by the Steele County Attorney’s Office and subsequently found guilty on two counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct in 2003, according to court records. Fredin was also found guilty of one count of fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct in April of 2004 after sexually assaulting a former female neighbor during a party she was hosting at her home in Owatonna.

Fredin spent two years in prison. His chiropractic license was revoked for a minimum of five years by the Minnesota Board of Chiropractic Examiners. And probation requires him to register as a sex offender, abstain from drinking alcohol and possessing pornography, and obtain permission to use the Internet. Since his release from prison in 2006, Fredin violated the terms of his probation two years ago, after police caught him drinking alcohol at his home in Savage.

Fredin has served his time – and although he is currently on probation through 2014 – he was granted his chiropractic license back last month by the same board that took it away six years ago.

According to state law, health professionals in some fields such as dentistry, nursing, chiropractics and psychology can’t be barred from practicing following a criminal conviction – if they can show the licensing boards that they have been rehabilitated.

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